The 'Peace on Water' procession took place in Venice on 2 April. The traditional rowing boats of the city's clubs paraded along the Giudecca Canal, starting in front of the Molino Stucky. They passed through St. Mark's Basin, finishing at Certosa. It was intended to remind the city of the growing problem of wave motion caused by motorboats. Safety of navigation and protection of the Venice lagoon are two goals that must be achieved.

The Cao Rio project team is very sensitive to the issue of wave motion. Often, motorboats swarm the canals and the Lagoon, posing a danger to the ecosystem, the city, and its residents. The waves generated by the powerful engines erode the foundations, the seabed and change the landscape of the lagoon. It causes irreversible bio-processes such as erosion of the lagoon and disappearance of the sandbanks. In other cases, rowers are struck by whizzing taxis or private motorboats.

We could not avoid taking part in the event by joining our rowing and sailing colleagues. We also did the monthly canal clean up on the way back. While paddling through the canals of Castello and San Pietro di Castello, we collected 8 bags of waste: bottles and bags that floated in the canals.

We invite you to participate in the next 'Voga e Neta' event on the first Sunday in May! The Cao Rio team will provide everything you need: kayaks, equipment, waste bags, gloves.

We need your willingness to participate!
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Every first Sunday from March to October, we clean the islands in the Venetian lagoon from 9 am to 1 pm.
The next one is scheduled for May 7!