Vogalonga 2023

The Vogalonga is a non-competitive rowing boat regatta that is open to both amateurs and professionals. Over the course of 30 kilometers, the race begins at St. Mark's Basin and ends at Punta della Salute, touching some islands in the Northern Lagoon and crossing the Grand Canal. In lieu of prizes, all participants will receive a diploma, a medal, and a T-shirt.

The first official Vogalonga was held in May 1975 with the aim of promoting rowing traditions and raising awareness of deterioration and wave action in the Venice Lagoon. Around 1,500 rowers participated in the first edition, mainly from the Veneto region, with 500 boats, whereas today the number of boats has more than tripled and rowers from all over the world participate.

This year's Vogalonga will take place on May 28. It is expected that many Italian and foreign rowers will be united by a passion for rowing and a concern for the environment, particularly to protect Venice from the swell caused by motorboats traversing its canals.

(Article "La Vogalonga: storia e origin": https://live.comune.venezia.it/)

We invite you to participate in Vogalonga with Cao Rio and Reale Società Canottieri Querini!

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